Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography is a photo taken in accordance with the vision of the artist as a photographer. It’s an abstraction of reality, using the photographer’s unique vision to embody a new and never seen piece of art.


What is Fine Art Photography?

In its most basic sense, just capturing a moment in an artistic fashion doesn’t mean you’re creating Fine Art. Fine Art is created when the photographer expresses an idea, a message, an emotion. This is in juxtaposition with representational photography, which aims to portray the reality of the subjects its try to convey in the most objective way possible.

Sometimes, the line between photojournalism, fashion photography, and Fine Art Photography seems blurry. Sometimes they might overlap. However, the intent of the piece marks all the difference between common photography and Fine Art. It took a long time for Fine Art Photography to be considered part of the fine arts. In fact, as recently as 1960, it wasn’t considered as such in the UK.

However, with time artists and critics alike recognized the value of photography as a Fine Art, and gave it the spot it truly deserved. Now, its commonplace to go into an art exhibition promoted by big Art institutions, such as the MOMA, displaying exclusively photographs, craving forever its place within the Fine Arts.


What are the Fine Arts Photography Awards?

Fine Arts Photography Awards recognize the worth of an entire generation of artists that are constantly shaking and changing the status quo in the photography industry.

In the headquarters of Fine Art photography, they are constantly searching for special people and great artists who exist and live for innovation. Where they supply a stage for your growth and support in their search for development and constant improvement. Created in 2014, this contest is a breeding ground for new trends born out of the passion, love, craving, and enthusiasm of diverse artists, whose colliding visions create a plethora of never seen before art.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and trust of the participants from around the globe, in just a few years, they have built the foundations to be recognized among some of the greatest and distinguished artistic photography competitions of the last decade. Since the inception of the competition, their juries have critiqued and exhaustively reviewed hundreds of photographs from dozens of different categories.

In this contest, everyone is free to use any technique they would like to use. They don’t enforce what devices you should use, nor what method you should follow. All that matters is the final result. They break all the rules they can think of, and they would like you to help them in creating new trends in art. At the Fine Art Photography Awards, you will take the spotlight and allow the judges to discern how you analyze and then break down the beauty in the harmony of your work. In a discipline ruled by a conventional approach to art, we are aware how challenging its trying to crack the large division between those two apparently incompatible styles, with an innovative technique on one side and a classic approach on the other. However, that’s what Fine Art Photography is for: showing your vision to the world, no matter what method you used.

Currently, their judges analyze the pieces of the participants in more than twenty categories divided into professionals and amateurs. With such an assortment, contestants will increase their odds to accurately define what they will specialize in and showcase their innovative ability within the field they think they’ll be most relaxed in.



The core objective of Fine Arts Photography Awards lies within the desire to examine the intensity of modern artists’ ability to expand the boundaries of imagination and create photographs of other worlds, ignoring the current tendencies and common guidelines. This impulse originated one of the better photography contests of the modern era. In other words, it’s the photographic equivalent to the impressionist movement and the rebellion against the Académie des Beaux-Arts.

Fine Art Photography takes great pleasure in offering a way for gifted individuals to wield the quirkness, diversity, exquisiteness. Even wickedness of the world from the perspective of the artist as their coat of arms. Sink in the mad and marvelous union of purity and intricacy of the world. The contest is aimed at people who are constantly experimenting and creating new trends in art. Never have fear of pushing beyond your current limits.

The main driving force of the human race since its beginning has always been the need to improve, surpass previously established limits, and living new adventures. Prior to technological revolution of the last three decades, sharing and contrasting our pieces with other creators in the creative context was virtually impossible for the common artist. Nowadays, thanks to the dawn of computers and the internet, everyone can share their skills with just a few clicks. You have the opportunity to get your unique vision known, and be the spark, the catalyst of change that starts a new revolution in the photography world. You can compare your work with other great peers. Not only is a perfect opportunity for you to get known and recognized. Most importantly, is the perfect opportunity to improve yourself.


Eder Sanchez – Fine Art Photography Awards


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2016   1st Prize. Fine Art Photography Awards. Conceptual category. London, Uk.

2017   1st Prize. Fine Art Photography Awards. Conceptual category. London, Uk.

2018   Nominee. Fine art Photography Awards. Conceptual category. London, Uk.