3d rendering

Knowing that rendering definition and render meaning could be quite complex, this will help you to understand them. 3D rendering is a process to produce a digital image from a three-dimensional data by a computer render software.


 What is 3D rendering?

3D visualizations are too realistic, and people can confuse them with photography. Unlike a real photograph, through 3D rendering you create the light, texture, material and camera properties from a virtual scene in a computer wireframe model. Due to this, 3D software has unlimited possibilities in the art world as an art technique.

“3D rendering can be a medium between painting and photography. You can create whatever is in your mind like a painter, but also make it as real as photograph”

Eder Sanchez.

There are people who underestimate render and 3D visualization as a piece of fine art, but this technique contains many aspects of the seven arts.


3D rendering process:

In order to generate a 3D visualization, you need to understand your thoughts using sketches, plans and different previous tests. From this point, when the concept is clear, you began to generate an image from a 3D rendering software.

Workflow to create a 3D visualization 3D modeling, 3D rendering, post-production render.

You develop the geometric volumes made of polygons in a three-dimensional virtual space. This is analogous to build a physical sculpture in the real world. In turn to give more realistic feeling they must be applied texture maps to simulate real materials, create a virtual sunlight and  artificial lights sources. Everything needs to be made in the computer. When the digital cameras are set up in the scene and the settings are correct, the scene is ready to render. The render engines, based on these data, create a 3D visualization from the views that are in the scene. Each pixel of the image is generated by the render engine, this stage can take a lot of time depending of the complexity.

After the 3D rendering software generated the 3D visualization, the last step of the process is the Post-production. In this stage with the help of the computer software Photoshop the artist improves the 3D visualization developing his own style. This final touch provides an incredibly realistic overall work.


3D rendering software:

Knowing this computer software in a professional level is the key to produces the highest quality 3D visualization. In addition, you need the best workstation for 3D rendering, CPU and GPU depends of your rendering engine.

“Modelling all the geometries in the virtual world feels like you are a kind of god sculpting in another reality”

Eder Sanchez.

3D modelling Software: Autodesk 3Ds Max, Sketch Up, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender. Through polygons, you create the geometry of the objet that you need.

3D rendering software: VRay, Corona, Octane. Those calculate the bounds of light on objects. It generates the graphical output, the digital model is converted into a series of pixels. Those are the best software for architecture and design.

Post-production software: Photoshop. It provides all the tools to photo manipulate and retouch the final work.


Eder Sanchez: 3D artist

3D visualization involves sculpture, photography, architecture and painting. My architecture background helps me to study the light, shadow, shape and form. He understands what will be the perfect environment and global illumination for the scene. To create a high-resolution 3D visualization there are years of education and dedication.

Apart from 3D, Eder spends most of his time in the last phase: the Post-production. For this artist this is the most important step. 3D rendering is the medium that helps him to express himself. Through his work people are used to think that what they are looking at is real, and that is part of his dialog between them and his work. The digital world gives him the chance to build in days something that will take years as an architect.

Due to architecture, Eder Sanchez is focus on the composition, perspective and balance. His knowledge about line and space plus all rendering software tools gives him the chance to bring to life everything that comes to his mind.




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